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Open Call for Scores - Asian Composers Showcase 2020
조회수 : 1028   |   2019-10-10


Asian Composers Showcase 2020

Open Call for Scores


The Asian Composers Showcase was launched in 2013 by the Goethe-Institut together with the Tongyeong International Music Festival (TIMF), to promote the composition of New Music in North East Asia. For seven years now, a total of thirty compositions by promising young composers have been premiered at TIMF.

Goethe-Institut Korea currently invites composers from the region to take part in a call for scores for the Asian Composers Showcase 2020. From the entries, an international panel of judges will select five participants whose pieces will be performed at the Tongyeong intl. Music Festival in April 2020. On the basis of the performances, one of the composers will be given the Goethe Award, endowed with 2,000 EUR, and receive a composition commission for the following year’s festival, amounting to an additional 5,000 EUR.





– Composers born in/after 1981 and citizens/residents of one of the following countries: Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Mongolia.

– Length of the work: maximum of 15 minutes

– The work must be an original work created after 2017; hence no arrangements or the like.

– Instrumentation: available are the following instruments/px-x-x-x-layers:

2 violins, viola, cello, bass

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet


Percussion (1 px-x-x-x-layer)

The piece should be written for a minimum of four and a maximum of ten instruments (or parts). The parts cannot be doubled. Please contact TIMF at if in doubt or if you have any questions.




– Application via the online form available at

– Score in PDF format and if possible a recording of the piece (Only one submission per person is permitted)

– In the case of citizenship of states other than those previously listed, proof of place of residence in one of the previously listed countries




– Submission deadline: 18 November 2019

– Announcement of the five participants: by 20 December 2019

– Performance: 4 April 2020 at the Asian Composers Showcase (at Tongyeong International Music Festival 2020, Tongyeong, Korea)

Copyright and performance rights must lie with the submitting party. All rights remain with the author, who with the submission agrees to a fee-free performance at the TIMF 2020 and the use of sound recordings for archiving and for promotion of future events of the Asian Composers Showcase.




Tongyeong International Music Foundation


Goethe-Award 2019: Juri Seo (Korea)

Premiere Performance on April 5, 2020, Tongyeong Concert Hall

Juri Seo – New Work(commissioned by Goethe Institut Korea and TIMF)

Artists: Sejong Soloists



Click Here to Apply Online

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